Monday, March 16, 2020

Online trans/queer/LGBTQ+ youth support groups offered free or at a steep discount

E-mail me for details.

Black-owned yoga website offering free online classes until April 11

From an e-mail I received and wanted to pass along:

To support the community during these times, the 11 online classes below are free to everyone until April 11. These classes are focused on relaxation and restoration which may be useful during these increasingly stressful times. Share this email with your family and friends so they have access too. Class descriptions are on our website.
  1. 15-Minute Midday Yoga with Chanel Sledge
  2. Breathing Techniques to Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Nikki Dixon-Ewing
  3. Grounding Practice for Vata with Jo-Jo Jackson
  4. Chair Yoga - Erica Rascon
  5. Family Yoga - Jerrell Simpson
  6. Meditation for Calmness and Centeredness - Jessica Young
  7. Meditation for Healers - Tenci Campbell
  8. Yoga for Healing and Restoring - Raikeis Timm
  9. Gentle Faith & Flow - Sherrell Moore-Tucker
  10. Yoga for Neck & Shoulders with Biola Akanni
  11. Yoga Nidra - Jessica Young

I have no affiliation with Yoga Green Book, other than having done some of the classes with my own family.