Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I highly recommend this CEU training on neurodiversity coming up on May 7

This training from Joel Schwartz looks very good:

Challenging Myths about Autism – What Assessors and Therapists Need to Know: Lessons from the Neurodiversity Movement

It's moderately priced at $250 for 6 CEUs, with group discounts available. I am in a professional networking group with Joel and have experienced him as quite impressive. I feel like he has a good balance of affirming ADHD and autism as valid neurotypes that don't need "curing," while also recognizing that neurodivergent folks can have maladaptive patterns or skills deficits just like neurotypical people can. I definitely recommend this training for everyone who works with autistic folks. (Hint: That's anyone who works with people. Autistic people are likely somewhere between 1 and 5% of the population, and this includes an increasing number of adults who live independently and receive an initial diagnosis in adulthood.) The training covers a lot of information relevant for clinicians who "don't work with autistic people," but who should be providing neurodiversity affirmative care in our settings. 

This one is a personal recommendation. My only affiliation with this training is being impressed with it and wanting to share so we can have more clinicians who are trained in neurodiversity-affirmative practices. 

William James College has more free CEUs

This looks pretty good, especially for child welfare/court folks:

Parenting and Substance Use Disorder: A Bi-Generational Approach
May 19, 2021, 9am - 10:30am

Usual disclaimer: I am just passing this along. I have no particular affiliation with this training other than extremely minimal affiliation with the school. 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Low-cost Logo Design by Autistic Designers

NeuroClastic is connecting providers who are using puzzle-piece logos with autistic designers to rebrand into something neurodiversity affirming. Check out their post here for pricing and how-to.

(I have no affiliation with NeuroClastic, but I personally and professionally support branding, language, and practices that are neurodiversity affirming.)

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Free NBCC/LMHC/social work CEUs via Lesley University

Irle Goldman will be giving this talk. I have no direct affiliation with this specific talk, but I took a course from Dr. Goldman at Lesley when I was in graduate school 20 years ago (can that be right?) and he was one of my most memorable instructors -- incredibly smart and insightful, very person-centered and social justice oriented, very no-nonsense, very outspoken about the harm caused by systems. Unless he has somehow drastically changed, I very highly recommend him.

FYI: Social workers can use NBCC CEUs as well. Check out the Board of Registration website for the exact details on what is accepted.