Friday, November 6, 2020

Rounding up free/inexpensive MA LMHC CEUs

To follow up on my previous post wondering about this, the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions has issued an emergency policy for 2020-2021 allowing all 30 CEUs to be earned via online or home study programs.

It also appears that they updated their policy in 2011 to clarify that "The Board has determined that LIVE tele-seminars and LIVE webinars would be accepted by the Board as "live" CEUs. Re-broadcasts are not be accepted as "live" CEUs." This is of course buried on their page in a board policy section, rather than mentioned in any of the several sections about licensure renewal or CEU requirements that are easily navigable from their front page. (Calling anything "easily navigable" on these new pages is giving them entirely too much credit, of course; the page layouts and navigation are terrible.)

Anyway, this does seem that they have in fact caught up with the times and recognized that live online events are quite different from asynchronous online courses. I am pleased to find this, even if it took some serious digging to find.

On that note, since this is a good time to get some CEUs completed, I'm rounding up free/low-cost CEUs (both "regular" online and live online). I'm going to post pretty much anything I find that has NBCC credits, and will post ones offering other credit if the content looks particularly good. (For those who are unaware, the LMHC board accepts credits approved by NBCC or MaMHCA, and MaMHCA will "convert" CEUs from APA/NASW/other state boards etc. for a small fee, which is just really some ridiculous bureaucracy, but it is what it is.)

Without further ado...

Cultivating Post Traumatic Growth in Kids and Families through Mindfulness during COVID
4 NBCC CEUs, Free
William James College
Self-study online, available through December 31

Ethics and Boundary Issues
5 NBCC CEUs, Free
Self-study online, appears to be available pretty indefinitely

(And since it's a topic on which I teach a lot of trainings and know the research quite well, I want to mention that I assume this course follows the status quo and suggests "better safe than sorry" mandated reporting practices, which have been shown to cause harm and not increase safety, and which laws and ethics codes absolutely do not require. Take the course to get your free CEUs, then educate yourself elsewhere as to how to ensure safety and satisfy liability without excessive reporting.)

Providing Inclusive, Respectful Care to Your Gender Questioning, Transgender, & Nonbinary Clients
1 CEU (NBCC and others), Free
Clearly Clinical
Self-study online, appears to be available pretty indefinitely

Note: Unless stated otherwise, I have no affiliation with courses, presenters, or organizations, posts are not any type of endorsement. I am committed to publicizing low-cost CEU opportunities to assist fellow clinicians in locating these, and will generally publish any I encounter.

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